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About This Training

The Certificate Course: ArcGIS Pro - Basics is designed to provide participants with a solid foundation in using ArcGIS Pro, a leading Geographic Information System (GIS) software. This course is suitable for beginners who have little to no prior experience with ArcGIS Pro. Participants will gain practical skills and knowledge to effectively work with spatial data, create maps, perform analysis, and visualize data using ArcGIS Pro.

What You Get from this Training

By completing this training, participants will:

  • Understand the fundamentals of ArcGIS Pro and its interface.
  • Gain proficiency in working with geospatial data and creating maps.
  • Learn essential tools and techniques for data analysis and visualization.
  • Develop skills in geoprocessing, spatial analysis, and querying.
  • Acquire knowledge of symbology and cartographic design principles.
  • Explore advanced functionalities such as 3D visualization and data editing.
  • Understand how to publish and share maps and data using ArcGIS Online.

Requirements (Who Can Attend the Training?)

  • This training is open to individuals who are interested in learning ArcGIS Pro and its applications in geospatial analysis and mapping. No prior experience with GIS or ArcGIS software is required. Basic computer literacy and familiarity with Windows operating system are recommended.

Features of the Program

  • Interactive Online Training: The course is delivered online, allowing participants to access the training materials and complete the modules at their own pace. The online platform includes interactive exercises and quizzes to reinforce learning.
  • Expert Instructors: The training is conducted by experienced instructors with a strong background in GIS and ArcGIS Pro. They provide guidance and support throughout the course, ensuring participants have a comprehensive understanding of the software.
  • Hands-on Exercises: Participants will engage in practical exercises to apply the concepts and techniques learned in real-world scenarios. This hands-on approach helps build practical skills and confidence in using ArcGIS Pro.
  • Comprehensive Course Materials: Participants will receive comprehensive course materials, including step-by-step instructions, reference guides, and additional resources. These materials can be downloaded and accessed even after completing the course.
  • Certificate of Completion: Upon successfully finishing the course and passing the final assessment, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion, recognizing their proficiency in ArcGIS Pro - Basics.

Topics for This Course

  • Introduction to GIS (Theory)
  • General introduction of ArcGIS Pro Framework
  • Introduction to Datum / Projection
  • Introduction to spatial datasets - Vector, Raster, and Attribute data
  • Migrating from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro

  • Getting started with ArcGIS Pro
  • Editing Features and Attributes
  • Displaying Raster Data
  • Working with 3D Data
  • Automation in ArcGIS Pro

  • Introduction to Geodatabase
  • Improving Data Integrity
  • Designing Geodatabase Topologies
  • Associating Non-Geographic Data with Geographic Data
  • Managing Raster Data
  • Migrating to a Geodatabase

  • Creating 2D Features
  • Modifying 2D Features
  • Maintaining Spatial Integrity
  • Editing Annotation
  • Creating and Modifying 3D Features

  • Introduction to Designing Maps and Visualizations
  • Symbolizing Data
  • Labeling - Working with Map Text
  • Print Map Layout
  • Design Considerations for Web Maps and Publishing Web Maps
  • Creating 3D Scenes and Visualizing Data using Charts

  • Introduction to Geoprocessing
  • Environments in Geoprocessing
  • Geoprocessing of Vector Data (Analysis Tools)
  • Raster Geoprocessing

  • Navigating the ArcGIS Pro Interface
  • Understanding the Project Structure
  • Working with Panes, Ribbons, and Views
  • Customizing the Interface and Toolbars

  • Importing and Managing Various Data Formats (Shapefiles, Geodatabases, CSV, etc.)
  • Exploring the Catalog Pane and its Functionalities
  • Working with Map Layers and Layer Properties
  • Setting Symbology and Labels for Data Visualization

  • Understanding Attribute Tables and their Components
  • Sorting, Filtering, and Querying Attribute Data
  • Joining and Relating Tables for Data Analysis
  • Calculating and Managing Fields

  • Understanding Spatial Analysis Concepts
  • Conducting Spatial Queries and Selections
  • Performing Proximity Analysis and Buffering
  • Applying Overlay Analysis (Intersect, Union, etc.)

  • Introduction to 3D GIS Concepts
  • Creating 3D Scenes and Layers in ArcGIS Pro
  • Visualizing Terrain and Elevation Data
  • Applying Realistic Rendering and Lighting Effects

  • Publishing Maps and Layers to ArcGIS Online
  • Creating Web Maps and Web Applications
  • Sharing Maps and Data with Colleagues and Stakeholders
  • Collaborating on Projects using ArcGIS Online
Note: The course topics have been divided into 12 modules for better organization and understanding. This structure can be adapted based on the duration and specific requirements of the training program.

Join the Certificate Course: ArcGIS Pro - Basics to enhance your skills in spatial analysis, mapping, and data visualization using ArcGIS Pro. Enroll today and unlock the power of GIS for your professional growth and career opportunities.


Registration and Course Fees

  • Price: INR 9999
  • Instrutor: Dr. Arjita Saxena
  • Duration: 60 Days
  • book iconLessons: 120

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