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Certificate Course in GIS Climate Change Assessment
INR 9999

The GIS Climate Change Assessment Certification course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand.

  • 60 Lessons
Soil Erosion Estimation in ArcGIS using the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE)
INR 1499

his training course focuses on utilizing ArcGIS software to estimate soil erosion using the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE). Participants will learn the theory and practical applications of RUSLE within ArcGIS, enabling them to assess soil erosion potential, identify erosion-prone areas, and develop effective erosion control strategies. The course covers topics such as data preparation, parameterization, RUSLE modeling, spatial analysis, and result interpretation.

  • 10 Lessons
Course Meta
(10 Days / 20 Hrs) (Monday to Friday)
HEC-RAS and ArcGIS for Hydrologic Engineering
INR 4999

This comprehensive training course explores the potential of HEC-RAS and HEC-GeoRAS for channel modeling and flood analysis using ArcGIS

  • 20 Lessons
ArcSWAT Model with ArcGIS - Run for any Study Area - GIS
INR 2499

Gain expertise in ArcSWAT and ArcGIS for watershed simulation, discharge estimation, and water quality analysis. Comprehensive training with practical applications.

  • 20 Lessons