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ARTIS AERIS PVT LTD offers a wide range of web GIS services to help organizations make their geospatial data and services easily accessible to others. Our web GIS services are designed to address a wide range of questions, missions, and problems.

Web GIS is a modern approach to GIS that is powered by web services. It allows for easy access to data and capabilities from any device with a web browser. Some key benefits of web GIS include :
  • Global reach

    Web GIS makes it possible to share data and services with users around the world.

  • A large number of users:

    Web GIS allows organizations to support a large number of users with minimal cost.

  • Cross-platform capability:

    Web GIS works seamlessly across different web browsers and devices.

  • Easy to use:

    Web GIS is designed to be simple and easy to use, even for users with little or no GIS experience.

  • Advanced Data Analysis:

    Unlock the full potential of your survey data with our advanced data analysis tools. Our GIS capabilities allow for sophisticated spatial analysis, including hotspot identification, proximity analysis, and spatial pattern recognition, giving you unparalleled insights into the spatial distribution of survey responses.

ARTIS AERIS PVT LTD’s web GIS services include:
  • Data Discovery & Notification Service
  • Data Demand & Delivery Service
  • Data Visualization & report generation
  • Repository Management & User Administration
  • Enterprise Support Service
  • Subscription Service
  • Professional Services
  • Customized Services

We follow a standard software quality assurance framework and all essential steps for software quality assurance and testing are followed from the beginning. We also provide client site operations testing, performance review & troubleshooting, and training of the complete system. Contact ARTIS AERIS PVT LTD today to learn more about how our web GIS services can help your organization.